2016 Liverpool James Larkin March and Rally to remember Merseyside International Brigade Volunteers 80 years on.

wp-1465247659173.jpgOn Saturday 16th July, the James Larkin Society will hold its annual March and Rally. The March will Assemble at 12.30pm at Combermere Street (Larkin’s birthplace), off Park Road, Liverpool 8,  and proceed to the city centre for a Rally.  

The main theme of the event this year is to mark the start of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)in July 1936, and to honour all the Merseyside volunteers who enlisted in the International Brigade and fought against Fascism and to defend democracy in Spain.

Over 200 volunteers from Merseyside fought against Fascism in Spain. They included Communists, Socialists, Trade Unionists and Irish Republicans. Over 30 were killed in action. 

One of the most famous Merseyside volunteers was Jack ”James Larkin” Jones (1913-2009), a Liverpool docker who went on to become leader of the Transport and General Workers Union. Jack and his comrades saw the struggle in Spain in the context of battling Mosleyite Fascists more locally, and as a precursor to the struggle against Hitler and the Nazis in World War Two.  As he stated in an interview years later:
For many men who went, it wasn’t a sense of adventure by any means. It was a feeling we were on the right side – the side of justice. For us it was the battle against fascism, including our local Mosley crowd, and that inspired me and encouraged me to do what I could against it, even if it meant laying down my life for it”
The Liverpool March and Rally on 16th July will remember all the Merseyside volunteers of the International Brigade with pride and respect. 

In the context of the current rise of Far Right, racist and Fascist groups across Europe, the message of the International Brigades, of hope against fear, is more relevant than ever.

The James Larkin Society would like to encourage all Trade Unionists, and community groups to take part in the event, and to bring along their banners.


Notes for Editors:
The James Larkin Society was formed in Liverpool in 2003, to celebrate the life and work of the Liverpool-born Irish Trade Unionist and Socialist, James Larkin (1876-1947), and to highlight the relevance of the message of his struggle and achievements to today’s world.



Annual James Larkin Society March & Rally 2014

Annual James Larkin Society March & Rally 2014

The Annual James Larkin Society March & Rally this year takes place on Sunday 20th July. The march will assemble at 1pm on Combermere Street (Larkin’s birthplace), off Park Road, Liverpool 8. It will then take a route through the city centre, and finish with a Rally at the Pier Head.

The James Larkin Society was formed in 2002, to promote the memory and legacy of Liverpool-born Irish Trade Union Leader and Socialist Republican, James Larkin. The James Larkin Society is Non-Sectarian and actively Anti-Fascist.

Each July the Society holds an event themed around remembering Larkin and marking significant events in working-class history, both in Ireland and England. The main theme for this year’s March & Rally is to mark the 30th anniversary of The Miners’ Strike on 1984, for Jobs, Justice and Dignity. 

Speakers at the Rally on 20th July will include:

John Cunningham of the Orgreave Truth & Justice Campaign – Which seeks truth and justice for the Miners who were victimised and falsely arrested by Police from many different forces during the picketing of Orgreave Coking Plant, South Yorshire in June 1984.

David Hopper, Durham & North-East General Secretary of the NUM (National Union of Mineworkers).

Dave Douglas, who worked as a Miner in the coalfields of Durham and South Yorkshire, and was NUM Branch Secretary at Hatfield Main Colliery. Dave is a political activist, historian and writer. He is the author of a new book entitled ‘’The Liverpool Waterfront 1850-1890 – The Struggle for Organisation’’.

The James Larkin Society welcomes all Trade Unionists, community activists, progressive campaign groups and their families, to attend the event on 20th July.   

Download Under Pressure: A Report Into Far-Right and Loyalist Attacks Against Irish Community Parades/Marches In Liverpool During 2012

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