Armed Forces Day Liverpool – A time to reflect on Britain’s murder of innocent Irish civilians


This weekend Liverpool plays host to Britain’s annual armed forces day, a day that aims to celebrate and court support for the Britain’s armed forces ‘community’.

For the Irish community, the day is a time for remembrance and offer peaceful reflection on the victims of Britain’s armed forces. Between 1968 to the 1990’s literally hundreds of Irish civilians were mudered directly by soldiers of British Army Regiments, police officers of the Royal Ulster Constabulary or more sinisterly by active collusion between loyalist paramilitaries, aided by inteligence and active support from Britain’s armed forces/police.

In recent years, several investigations by both the BBC and RTE have found mounting evidence of the extent of collusion between Loyalist paramilitaries and British State Forces Britain’s Secret Terror Deals (BBC) Collusion (RTE). June 2016 saw the publication of the Loughlinisland Report by the Northern Ireland Police Ombudsman which found active collusion between members of the Royal Ulster Constabulary and the Ulster Volunteer Force which left 6 civilians shot to death as they watched the Ireland Vs Italy World Cup game in a bar in 1994 BBC News Report.


On armed forces day the truth is starting to unravel for Britain and its collusion with loyalists to kill its very own citizens. Liverpool says: Time for Truth – Time for Justice.