Easter Rising 1916: How Liverpool Played It’s Part

easter 19162

Cairde na hEireann Liverpool remembers with pride the Liverpool Irish volunteers that fought in Dublin during the Easter Rising of 1916 on behalf of the Irish Volunteers and Irish Citizen Army. Over the next 3 years leading up to the 100th Anniversary of the Rising, we will be working hard to properly research and honour the memory of  the brave men and women of the Irish diaspora in Liverpool who played their part in the struggle for Irish freedom and the establishment of a new Ireland based on equality, justice and peace. As always, Cairde na hEireann Liverpool leads on the annual Liverpool Easter Lily Campaign to promote the wearing of the Lily in memory of those who lost their lives for the cause of Irish freedom. Wear your Lily with pride.

easter lily

Below are the the names of 38 Liverpool Volunteers based in the Kimmage garrison in Dublin just before the Rising started and named in Ann Mathews book ‘The Kimmage Garrison, 1916: Making Billy-can Bombs at Larkfield (Maynooth Studies in Local History)’.

Arthur Agnew, Liverpool

John Bolger Liverpool,

James Bolger Liverpool,

Patrick Caldwell Liverpool,

Charles Caragan Liverpool,

John Carroll Liverpool,

Patrick J. Clinch Liverpool,

Thomas Craven Liverpool,

William Dickenson Liverpool,

Joseph Duffy Liverpool,

Joseph Egan Liverpool,

Martin Gleeson Liverpool,

Joseph Gleeson Liverpool,

Niall Jr Kerr Liverpool,

John Kerr Liverpool,

Thomas Kerr Liverpool,

John King Liverpool,

Patrick King Liverpool,

George King Liverpool,

Seamus Landy Liverpool,

Patrick McDermott Liverpool,

Michael McGarvey Liverpool,

Patrick McMahon Liverpool,

Patrick McManus Liverpool,

Willaim McNeive Liverpool,

Victor Murphy Liverpool,

Willian O Donohue Liverpool,

James O Dowd Liverpool,

Tomás O Murchadha Liverpool,

Michael O Shea Liverpool,

Liam Roche Liverpool,

Pádraig Supple Liverpool,

Hugh Thornton Liverpool,

Patrick Thornton, Liverpool,

Joseph Vise Liverpool,

Martin Walsh Liverpool,

Gilber Ward Liverpool,

Christopher Whelehan Liverpool


One thought on “Easter Rising 1916: How Liverpool Played It’s Part

  1. John King was my grandfather. He and his two brothers left Liverpool to come and join the 1916 Rising. He was quartermaster in Kimmage and was in the GPO. He shot and injured in Moore Lane before being interned in Frongoch. He lived to be 78 and was a man of great passion and integrity. I had lively conversations with his brothers in the years after his death when I was a teenager. The Pension and witness accounts online are fascinating insights into the commitment and idealism of these men at that stage of their lives.
    Paul King

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