Merseyside PCC hate crime initiative ignores Irish community.

Cairde na hEireann Liverpool welcomes Jane Kennedy, Merseyside’s Police and Crime Commissioner’s latest initiative to gain the views of victims of hate crime across Merseyside ( #puttingvictimsfirst.

However, several members of the Irish community on Merseyside have now contacted us to highlight that when completing the online ‘victims experience questionairre’ the recording of a persons ethnicity does not include an ‘Irish’ or an ‘Irish Traveller’ category.

This ommision will mean that an Irish dimension to the experience of hate crime will be lost to the PCC. Cairde na hEireann Liverpool reiterates that any initiatives to ameliorate discrimination and hate must include all sections of Merseyside’s communities. It is simply not good enough that a major initiative led by the PCC should exclude the Irish experience of hate crime given the recent history of a resurgance in anti-Irish racism in Liverpool since 2012 Under Pressure Report. We call on the PCC to ensure that all future initiatives do not ignore the Irish experience on Merseyside and the lumping of Irish and Irish Traveller communities under a ‘white’ category serves the interests of no one except racists and bigots.



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