Liverpool Irish community group welcomes convictions

Cairde na hEireann Liverpool welcomes today’s convictions at Liverpool Magistrates Court of 5 individuals convicted for falling to comply with a Public Order notice Liverpool Echo Newspaper 27th November 2013. The convictions were in relation to the annual James Larkin March & Rally held during July 2013 when individuals with associations to both Loyalist and Fascist groups in Liverpool attempted to disrupt the event as it marched through Liverpool city centre.

The convictions represent a clear statement that intolerance and hate have no place on the streets of Liverpool. Since 2012, Cairde na hEireann Liverpool has worked tirelessly with both police and civic authorities to highlight ongoing attacks by both right wing extremists and loyalists aimed at Irish related parades and marches in Liverpool which have been both racist and sectarian in nature. These attacks have been fully detailed in Cairde na hEireann Liverpool’s 2013 report entitled ‘Under Pressure: A Report Into Far-Right and Loyalist Attacks Against Irish Community Parades/Marches in Liverpool During 2012’. Cairde na hEireann Liverpool regard today’s convictions as vindication of our view that a small group of racists and haters had made it their business to continually try to disrupt and harass members of the Irish community from organising peaceful, dignified and lawful public events. Their aim was to attempt to drive the Irish community off the streets of Liverpool, maintain loyalist and right-wing supremacy of civic spaces and in this they have failed utterly.

Cairde na hEireann Liverpool will continue to work positively to promote a positive sense of identity for the Irish community in Liverpool through promotion of work and events that seek to celebrate Liverpool Irishness, history and remembrance. Cairde na hEireann Liverpool also reasserts it’s commitment to working collaboratively with all statutory and non-statutory bodies to promote tolerance and anti-racist practice.



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