Cairde na hEireann Liverpool statement in response to burning of Irish Tricolour by members of the Orange Order in Liverpool.

Cairde na hEireann Liverpool notes the videoing of the burning of an Irish Tricolour on the grounds of the Orange Provincial Hall, Everton Road recently and subsequently shared across various social media.

CNE Liverpool takes this incident very seriously and see’s it in the context of being a hate crime, and another example of a level of anti-Irish racism that has no place in Liverpool or beyond. We have this morning reported the flag burning incident to Merseyside Police and know that several other individuals from the Irish community have already done so.

We feel that the Orange Order really needs to get its act together as a result of this incident and see it in the context of its members continually being involved in a level of anti-Irish sentiment that has no place in a modern European city such as Liverpool. The past 18 months have seen its members harass and attack Irish community parades in the city along with fascist and racist groups. Acts like this as shown in the video, damage community relations and we call on the Orange Order in Liverpool to condemn this incident that happened on their property, involved their members and state unequivocally its opposition to any further acts directed against the Irish community in Liverpool and beyond.



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