St Patricks Day Parade Liverpool – A Positive Irish Community Response


3RD MARCH 2013

St Patricks Day Parade Liverpool – A Positive Irish Community Response

St Patrick’s Day in Liverpool is nearly upon us. Unlike other cities across England, Scotland & Wales, Liverpool has never quite managed to reach the lofty heights of offering a St Patrick’s Day Parade for the city which would go hand in hand with the thousands of people who aim for Liverpool city centre on the day to celebrate Ireland’s Patron Saint and take pride in their Irishness. Indeed, Liverpool in recent years has become the city outside of Ireland to celebrate St Patrick’s Day on a par with cities across the world such as Boston and New York.

Of course, the history of Irishness in Liverpool has been tainted by a ‘sectarian’ element that has in so many ways inhibited the progress of the Irish Community and Civic Liverpool  in developing St Patrick’s Day as one of THE  days to be in the Liverpool and be seen as one of the highlights of the cultural and economic calendar of the city.

Last year’s attempts by racists and religious bigots, highlighted in the recently published report Under Pressure, to prevent the Irish Community from legally and peacefully parading in Liverpool has only served to highlight the reasons why expressions of Irishness in Liverpool have often been fraught and frowned upon in the past and to the present.

However, we feel that the time has finally come to put this issue to rest and for Liverpool to move on into the 21st century, and leave bigotry and intolerance behind.

At short notice and in the absence of a any formal orgainising of a parade in Liverpool, Cairde Na hEireann Liverpool has decided to respond in a positive manner to the racists and bigots who tried again to taint this city with sectarianism and racism during 2012. To that end we have organised a St Patrick’s Day Parade for Liverpool for Sunday 17th March (details below) and we are asking for your support. We are asking Irish and Non-Irish individuals/groups/organisations alike to join with us on St Patrick’s Day and stand against racism and bigotry by joining in with our parade through the city. This parade will be inclusive in manner, a celebration of Irishness and our community across Liverpool and Merseyside. This event will be dignified and peaceful in manner that befits the contribution that the Irish Community has made to the cultural, social and economic life of the City of Liverpool down the ages.

Come and join us. Bring your organisation’s banner, wear your county colours and support this inclusive Irish community event.

Cairde Na hEireann Liverpool (Liverpool Friends of Ireland)

An Irish community organisation campaigning for Irish unification, defending & promoting Irish community rights and fighting racism/fascism and intolerance.

@cairdeliverpool (twitter)

cairdeliverpool@gmail.compaddys day fb


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