PRESS RELEASE: Irish community group meets Mayor of Liverpool to discuss racist attacks



 Irish community group meets Mayor of Liverpool to discuss racist attacks

Today representatives of  Cairde na hEireann Liverpool met with Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool, his team and senior officers from Merseyside Police to discuss attacks on Irish Parades/Marches in Liverpool by far-right organisations and local Liverpool Loyalists during 2012. These attacks are fully documented in CNE’s recently published report (attached).
The meeting agreed that these attacks should stop immediately and that the rights of the Irish community to hold lawful, dignified and peaceful public events should be upheld and protected.

In an open and frank discussion, CNE reps reiterated the view that attacks by far-right and loyalists demonstrators at several marches/parades during 2012 have been both racist in nature and an attempt drive the Irish community off the streets of Liverpool. They have also been aimed at preventing the expression of Irish culture and our community’s right to commemorate Liverpool-Irish history and honour the memory of such historical figures such as James Larkin and the Liverpool-Irish volunteers who fought fascism in Spain. CNE reps also highlighted the worrying links that have been developed between loyalists, individual members of various Orange Institutions across the city and far-right racist groups such as the North West Infidels, Combined Exforces, English Defence League and the National Front.

Again, CNE reps committed themselves to having open and honest dialogue with any organisations in Liverpool to ameliorate the problems caused by far-right and loyalist attacks and will work co-operatively with both Liverpool City Council and Merseyside Police in facilitating public events in the future.

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