UKIP statement in support of Liverpool flag demonstration condemned by Irish community group

Press Release

15th January 2013

UKIP statement in support of Liverpool flag demonstration condemned by Irish community group

The recent statement (below) issued by the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) Liverpool Chair, Neil Miney has been condemned by Irish community organisation, Cairde na hEireann Liverpool (Liverpool Friends of Ireland).

A spokesperson for the organisation stated:

“In supporting the recent Liverpool flag demonstration, It is clear that UKIP have now aligned themselves with Liverpool loyalists and far-right groups such as the National Front, the paramilitary group Combined Ex-Forces and the racist North West Infidels. These groups were openly present during the protest and very active in encouraging support for the demo through Facebook and Twitter media which UKIP undoubtedly knew about. The reality is that the UKIP statement calls for support against the recent democratic decision by members of Belfast City Council to reduce the amount of days the Union flag is flown whichgoes someway toward created a shared-space in the city and equality for all. The UKIP statement is inflammatory in its attempt to link the flag issue with the ongoing issue faced by Irish community organisations in this city to hold peaceful, lawful and legitimate parades/marches in Liverpool. UKIP’s statement is a cynical attempt to foster tension and breakdown community relations in Liverpool and to demonise yet again Irish community presence at a street level. UKIP, by fostering the idea that there are ‘IRA’ parades in Liverpool echoes the language used by loyalist and fascist organisations who for the past 12 months have actively confronted and sometimes violently attempted to prevent legitimate Irish community parades/marches in Liverpool (here). It is an appalling statement that will put at risk the safety and well-being of members of the Irish community participating in such parades in the future” statement ends.


UKIP have been informed that there is to be a peaceful protest in support of the Union flag flying from Belfast city hall, tonight at 6pm-7pm on St George’s plateau, Liverpool. Here is an official statement from Liverpool branch chairman, sent out earlier to BBC, ITV, and Liverpool Echo.

UK Independence Party (Liverpool)

Statement 11/01/13

The UK Independence Party, Liverpool branch, supports the right of Unionists to peaceful protest at the removal of the Union flag from Belfast City Hall.

This is more than just about a flag. It is about the continual cultural attacks against Britishness in Northern Ireland. Apart from ethnic cleansing, Sinn Fein/IRA is engaged in cultural cleansing, so much for a shared future.

• We call upon IRA/Sinn Fein to reinstate the flying of the Union flag on 365 days of the year as it has done for 106 years.

• We also call for Sinn Fein/IRA to stop stoking up tensions in Liverpool by glorifying terrorism in the form of IRA parades.

We are pleased that people in Liverpool still remember the sacrifice paid by the people of Ulster in defence of our freedoms in two world wars against German fascism, and UKIP is pleased to support this peaceful Union flag demonstration against Irish Republican fascism tonight.

End of Statement

Neil Miney
UK Independence Party (Liverpool branch)


Mobile 07787 527752


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